Let It Go


Wahhhhhhhhh!! I’m so beyond excited to finally share this with you guys! It’s the first personal project I’ve done in months. This is, of course, Elsa from Frozen because I absolutely love her. I just saw the movie earlier this week and, while I wasn’t struck dead by the movie, I did enjoy it and decided that Elsa is a freaking queen. This song just struck me to the bone with how great it was and I wanted to share a bit of that joy with you :).

Expect some more digital things to come as I am fundraising for something (for what, you may ask, well that announcement is coming in a few days). For now, ENJOY!

Prints of this piece are located here at my society6. There will be signed, custom prints available soon!

WIP watercolor #3


So I realize I am a horrible blogger!!! This semester has just been way too insane for me to have time to post anything, but I will try to get better about that! I definitely want to post my portfolios for figure drawing and drawing two, but those aren’t till Wednesday so, until then, here’s some stuff from my watercolor class.

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New piece — Lofty


I dont really want to talk about this one. Let it speak for itself. Oil on board. 8 hours or so.

I don’t know why,
still I try
to wrap my mind around you
your thoughts are higher,
your ways are better
and I’m in awe.
So bring me up to where you are,
bring me up to where you are.