WIP watercolor #3


So I realize I am a horrible blogger!!! This semester has just been way too insane for me to have time to post anything, but I will try to get better about that! I definitely want to post my portfolios for figure drawing and drawing two, but those aren’t till Wednesday so, until then, here’s some stuff from my watercolor class.

So far I’ve put roughly 6 hours into this so far yaaayyyy. This is one of my first paintings with watercolor and, I have to say, its so hard. Because I’m a very impulsive person (and hence an impulsive artist) all the forethought that is required in watercolor is a struggle for me. You can’t just let your work just come to you; you have to know what it looks like before you begin. To be honest, the medium is the exact opposite of what “defines” me as an artist. I’m impulsive, impatient, and make my mark by using brush strokes. Almost all of that is lost in watercolor haha.

Regardless of that, however, I’m excited to be learning something new and how to appreciate that which is so different and difficult for me. I’m not used to being sure challenged for large slots of time as a lot of art stuff comes pretty natural, but with watercolor and figure drawing back to back I am constantly challenged. And that is an awesome thing.


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