More Exploring; Meet Zane

Model: Zane Moody
Design; Model: Zane Moody

Hello everyone! I’ve got some more photography for you today. In my intro to photo class, we got an assignment… A pretty basic one that I, of course, went out of hand with ^^;. So, it was creative portraiture. Basically, creatively take some pictures of someone. Well… That got me thinking.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently on how and why we form relationships. Not just surface layer friendships, but deep, bonding friendships. How can I be better at this? How do I do this? That then led me to the 3 layers of self:

  1. Other’s perception of us
  2. Our perception of what others think
  3. Our perception of ourself

It’s by discovering these three layers that we learn the hearts of the people around us. So, naturally, I wanted to photograph this, but the question was… How?

I wrote down a list of people who I thought would be willing to do this and this kid’s name came up. So, we met for an interview. This was probably the most difficult part for him and me. In order to portray the inward struggles and weaknesses, I had to know what they were. We sat in our local coffee shop and I asked him soul searching, difficult questions. What’s your identity found in? What defines you? What are your weaknesses? Strengths? I learned a lot about Zane that day and, I think, it strengthened our relationship.

The next challenge was actually taking some photos. I am slowly but surely learning how to communicate with my models and, lucky for me, Zane isn’t camera shy :P. It was really awesome to spend some time reflecting over the awesome fall retreat we’ve been at this weekend. We got to swap stories about our kids (cause that’s what youth leaders do) and glorify the Lord for all He did this weekend.

So this is the first layer. This is what I see when I think of and see Zane and, I hope, you see a glimpse of who he is as well. Be looking out for the next two layers over this week and the final project!


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