Nazarene. by Patricia Dugger
Nazarene. by Patricia Dugger

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Hello friends! I finally have a new project to show you! YAY! I’ve had this idea floating in my head for a while now and I hope you all enjoy it. It’s done in Photoshop with a drawing tablet.

Throughout the Arab Spring and the subsequent civil wars, I have tracked, prayed and been burdened for the middle east. I can’t quite explain how the burden has grown and become and earnest desire to go to these people. To yearn to be with them.

The symbol and hashtag WeAreN originated from ISIS ravaging the Syrian and Iraqi church. To mark the homes of Christians they would paint this character on their doors. It is the letter “N” in Arabic and stands for “Nazarene”. Follower of Christ. Christian. When soldiers would go through the town, they would target these homes and often kill its inhabitants. In fact, though the statistics are unknown, the Syrian and Iraqi church is believed to be almost completely destroyed or dispersed by ISIS. This doesn’t mean destroyed buildings, friends, this means hundreds, probably thousands, of our brothers and sisters dead. Before ISIS, Syria maintained a 30% Christian population. Now, the number is probably close to 0.

Mosul, a city in northern Iraq, housed Christians for 2,000 years. After ISIS invaded and took control of this major city, none remain.

So, this is a reminder, brother and sister, to pray for our sisters and brothers overseas as if we are with them. Pray for the Kurdish Muslims who fight ISIS. Pray for ISIS, that Jesus would transform their hearts. Pray for the countless Muslims who are persecuted by ISIS. This isn’t just about Christians, this is about humanity. Pray for those who die with hope, but also those who die without it.

Do not forget the martyr blood that is staining the ground of the middle east. We are Christian. We are Nazarene.


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