[365 Project] Integra Hellsing

The Last Choice by Patricia Dugger.

Hello everyone! So this is actually day 3 of the beginning of my 365 doodle challenge! I posted the rest on my shiny new instagram (http://instagram.com/patriciad_art), but I thought I might as well post here, right? I hope y’all don’t mind seeing a post from me everyday…. :D?

So anyway, back story time. A couple years ago, my cousin and I wrote a fanfic (if you’re unfamiliar with that term, the rest of this probably won’t make any sense) in the Hellsing fandom. It all started when we discovered a (terrible) fanfic I had written when I was 13 or so. It basically had Integra Hellsing turning into a vampire and all the conflict around that. Now, far more *cough* mature and understanding of the characters, Haley and I set off to remodel the fanfic into a universe in which this was actually possible (which, if you know anything about Integra Hellsing, was a feet.)

I was reminiscing over this story that we wrote that, honestly, is quite well written if I can say so myself, and decided to draw some fanart. So I present to you, Integra Hellsing as a vampire. Of course, if not of that made sense, here’s a pretty vampire lady :P. Enjoy!


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