Summer, Pourovers, Friends, and Idols



Pourover. Digital Paint 

Well summer is nearing it’s end and it really has been an interesting season in my life. I saw everything from friends suffering through losses of loved ones to celebrating their weddings. There were births, birthdays, reconnections and a substantial job change. I moved to a new place… Looking back, it’s crazy how much things changed!

A song that’s really apart of the summer season is one by the wonderful Park Kyung called Inferiority Complex which I really enjoyed after my kpop obsession went to new heights haha. So, as this season comes to a close, I thought I’d show you all a painting I did recently for a friend’s birthday.

Technique wise, I changed a lot, but I feel like it’s a direction I’ve been heading for a while. It was awesome to combine oil and digital painting aspects. I really love digital paint, all the tools and the lack of having to reduce ideas to a certain medium is awesome. I really enjoyed painting this piece and have discovered a lot of my niche in illustration over the summer. I hope you enjoy it and the last remaining dredges of summer before fall begins :).


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