the artist.

Hello, dearest viewer, I am a visual artist and illustrator working out of Denton, TX. I enjoy books, geeky things, and painting. However, above all these things, I love Jesus Christ. Using Christ as my muse, I attempt to understand and communicate the love of my Father in a visual way. My work is made to reflect the beauty of who He is as well as the realistic life of a Believer. Never shying away from honesty, my work reflects what it really means to follow, suffer, rejoice and live for Christ.

I also enjoy experimentation and working in a variety of different mediums. As an ever-growing student of art, I attempt to dabble in a variety of areas in order to obtain a broader range of skills. Just as I am a very spontaneous and colorful individual, my work reflects this. I focus primarily on color and use of brush strokes while painting.

Primarily, I work in oil, digital and watercolor paint, but I enjoy many different  mediums including pastel, ink, and photography.

the blog.

The title comes from Genesis 1:2 “…And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters…”  It is the beginning, when God created the entire world and showed the most perfect artwork in history. A perfect God created a perfect creation and then, even after the Fall, redeemed it with His beautiful and creative Grace. In my blog, I explain my inspiration, ideas and how I achieved certain effects.

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