Part 2/6 Block B: Park Kyung


Hello everyone! Hope your weekend went well. Here’s another Block B portrait, this time of Park Kyung. This bb is always so sweet and such a talented rapper :). I really enjoyed this rougher style over my last portrait. Hopefully throughout this series I’ll be able to improve more!

Thank you for all your support


Taeil | Realistic Portrait?!


What the… I don’t even know y’all. Apparently I can do realistic portraits?! I had no idea haha. Tried to tighten things up a bit in this one and experiment with different colors. I really think I’m understanding color more! I repeated several colors throughout the piece to tie everything together. Used a few Photoshop filters (as I’m still struggling to get the correct contrast right off the bat,) but not as many which I think is an improvement!

I really like how you can still see the “layers” of paint and texture of the brushes, not crazy about that super smooth butter paint.

Anyway, enjoy the adorable, loveable and extremely talented Taeil from the Korean pop band, Block B. Yes those are all links. Yes, you should click them all.




I love these things:

  1. Digital painting
  2. Anime
  3. Realistic oil painting

Now, let’s combine them all :D. This is much closer to what I want to achieve with digital paints as far as style goes. I changed up the process a little bit, but am still having difficulties choosing colors (which isn’t really new haha.)

I guess it’s time to do studies. Blech >.>.

This is Haise Sasaki from Tokyo Ghoul :).